10 Simple Veggie-Forward Holiday Recipes

When planning your holiday celebrations, don’t leave veggies out in the cold! We’ve teamed up with some of our favorite home cooks and social media mavens to share their favorite holiday-inspired recipes using Cece’s veggies.

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Follow the links above each image to view the full recipes from our foodie friends. We hope they help make your holidays absolutely veggie-licious – Cece’s veggies to all, and to all a good night!

Stovetop Cauliflower Rice Stuffing by Lauren @flora_and_vino

stovetop cauliflower rice stuffing recipeGive stuffing a healthier spin by using Cece’s Veggie Co. Organic Riced Cauliflower as the base instead of bread! This grain free & gluten free dish is still hearty and perfect for your holiday table.

Harvest Salad Bowl by Leah @leahsplate

autumn harvest salad bowl with butternut squash noodlesHarvest bowls are a perfect way to combine seasonal flavors into a quick and healthy holiday dish. Leah used Cece’s organic butternut noodles to add vibrant color and a touch of sweetness to balance the kale and lemon juice. 

Autumn Hash by Taylor @onebalancedlife

autumn hashCut down on starchy carbs and use broccoli rise as a base for hash! Taylor combined Cece’s Organic Riced Broccoli with juicy pomegranate seeds and root veggies for a seriously gorgeous holiday hash.

Holiday Veggie Mac & Cheez by Maggie @onceuponapumpkin

holiday vegan butternut squash shells and cheese mac and cheeseMaggie put a holiday twist on Cece’s Butternut Shells & Vegan Cheez by adding pumpkin seeds and roasted veggies. Everyone at the table will appreciate the cheesy goodness, and no one will miss the carbs!

Sweet Potato and Sage Fritters by Aubry @thatswhatsheeats

sweet potato noodle fritters

Tasty finger foods are key for happy holiday gatherings, and these fritters will not disappoint! Aubry used Cece’s white sweet potato noodles with goat cheese and fresh herbs to fry up these delicious fritters in a flash.

Maple Cinnamon Butternut & Brussels by Jacki @figgindelicious

Maple Cinnamon Butternut squash spirals and Brussels sprouts

Get ALL the best holiday flavors in one easy side dish with Jacki’s combo of sweet maple cinnamon spices with savory seasonal veggies. Cece’s organic butternut squash spirals add a fun twist and take a ton of prep work out of this super side dish!

Riced Broccoli Salad by Alison @foodbymars

organic broccoli rice saladThis salad comes together so quick thanks to Cece’s riced broccoli being ready to enjoy straight out of the package. Alison even added crispy bacon bits for a savory twist. This dish travels well and gets better the longer it chills, so you can be the veggie hero at your next holiday gathering!

Sweet Potato Casserole from Nataly @fitnhealthy_

spiralized sweet potato noodle casserole

Skip all of the peeling and chopping that is usually required for this holiday classic and use Cece’s organic sweet potato noodles instead! Nataly’s festive and delicious sweet potato spiral casserole comes together quickly and looks fantastic.

Cheesy Riced Broccoli Latkes by Leah @leahsplate

cheesy organic riced broccoli latkesSkip the potato peeling and grating and add a boost of nutrients with Leah’s creative twist on latkes! Cece’s organic riced broccoli is prepped and ready to fry up for a crispy, cheesy treat for your Hanukkah celebration.

Whole30 Mini Thanksgiving Feast Patties by Charlotte @press.startnutrition

whole30 mini thanksgiving feast bites with butternut squash noodles

We all know the holidays are a whirlwind – having healthy grab and go snacks is a must! Charlotte packed these patties with veggie nutrition using Cece’s butternut squash spirals and riced broccoli, plus ground turkey and spices for plenty of protein and flavor. The best part- they cook up in under 30 minutes!