Organic Beet Spirals

organic beet spirals

Why Beets?

We like to spiralize beets because the combination of great taste and nutrition in a beet noodle can’t be, well, beat! Beet noodles are packed with fiber and betaine, which help fight inflammation and belly bloat so you can feel satisfied and healthy overall. Spiralized beet noodles also provide a valuable boost to your body’s stamina, meaning you can work hard and play harder. Beet spirals are loaded with nutrients shown to prevent heart disease, fight cancer properties and guard against Alzheimer’s and dementia (protect your noodle)! Pre-packaged beet noodles add bright, fun color to your meal, and taste delicious. Organic red beets have an earthy and slightly sweet flavor that mellows out when cooked. Eat ‘em raw, sauteéd, in a salad or a soup- your body (and your tastebuds) will thank you!

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