Have you ever wondered why macaroni and cheese is so much more popular than, say, spaghetti and cheese? Well, we have…probably too much. Based on countless minutes of dreaming about the delicacy, we believe a big part of the popularity is that the macaroni holds lots and lots of cheese! The elbow and shell shapes make for a much greater cheese-to-pasta ratio.

On the heels of our Organic Butternut Shells & Cheese, which holds mega quantities of cheese, we started playing with different cuts of organic cauliflower and found a process that creates specialized floret chunks to hold hyper-mega amounts of cheese. Behold Cece’s® Veggie Co’s newest product – Organic Cauli & Cheese!

You may know cauliflower as being the hottest veggie to hit the scene since veggies were invented. It does not disappoint in veggie superiority! Not only does the mild flavor and creamy texture of cauliflower pair perfectly with cheddar cheese, but this versatile veggie also provides a variety of health benefits in every serving.

Cauliflower is low-carb and high-fiber with a smooth and sometimes nutty flavor. The fiber helps feed healthy bacteria in your gut to reduce inflammation and promote digestive health. This veggie also contains high amounts of vitamin C, which acts as an antioxidant to boost immune health while protecting against chronic diseases.

Cauliflower is also packed with Choline, which helps with sleep, muscle movement, learning, and memory – an essential nutrient most people are deficient in. The vitamin K in this power-packed veggie helps promote strong bones while the folate promotes healthy cell growth and function. To top it all off, it’s recently discovered that cauliflower is rich in sulforaphane. We think it sounds like medicine and it’s pretty darn close with indications of fighting cancer, high blood pressure, and diabetes!

Sweet dreams are made of cheese, so when we took this pillow-shaped veggie and paired it with cheddar cheese we found the perfect pairing of nutritional and flavor bliss. And look how Cauli & Cheese stacks up against traditional macaroni & cheese:

We would caul- it a competition, but it’s not even close! Cauli & Cheese conquers the classics with all the flavor at a fraction of the carbs and calories. Made from 100% fresh-cut Organic Cauliflower, you can satisfy your cheesiest cravings with a full serving of veggies and nutrients.

In a microwave-ready container, Cauli & Cheese is ready to eat in less than five minutes for an easy, healthy dinner or lunch on-the-go. Or you can sauté, steam, or bake Cauli & Cheese and top it off with your favorite herbs, spices, or proteins. Cece’s® Veggie Co is dedicated to sustainability, using only certified Organic veggies and fully recyclable packaging.

Find Cece’s® Veggie Co. Organic Cauli & Cheese in the produce section of select retailers across the US. Visit to find a store near you!