Cece’s® Veggie Co.’s Latest Veggie Innovation is Straight Fire: Organic Veggie Grillerz

AUSTIN, TX – June 24, 2019Cece’s® Veggie Co., an Austin, Texas-based food brand known for shaking up the produce department with veggie reinventions, has launched Grillerz, a revolutionary new product line of Organic, ready-to-grill, “Z-cut” vegetables just in time for your summer soiree.  

cece's veggie co grillerz organic z-cut veggie ready to grill

A hot new twist on your favorite grilling fare, Grillerz are 100% Organic veggies, crinkle-cut to the ideal size and thickness for flame-kissed flavor. Packaged with Organic culinary herb finishing butter, Grillerz can be paired with dip for healthy finger food snacking or served as a tasty accompaniment to your favorite grilled protein. 

“Ready to go from the package straight to the grill, Grillerz will add a healthy sizzle to your summer gatherings,” said Mason Arnold, founder of Cece’s Veggie Co. “I founded Cece’s with a mission to offer a simple way for everyone to eat more veggies, and our new Grillerz product line is a great way to inject hot veggie nutrition into traditionally meat-focused affairs.” 

Grillerz can be enjoyed straight off the grill as a side dish, served as an appetizer with dips, or included in seasonal recipes like Summer Squash Arugula Salad or Grilled Sweet Potato Sandwiches. And if firing up the grill isn’t in your weekend plans, Grillerz also cook up nicely in a cast iron pan or on a griddle. 

Cece’s Veggie Co. Grillerz have an SRP of $4.99 and are available in three different varieties, all certified Organic:

  • Z-Cut Summer Squash with Savory Garlic Herb Butter
  • Z-Cut Carrots & White Sweet Potatoes with Savory Garlic Herb Butter
  • Z-Cut Mixed Sweet Potatoes with Savory Garlic Herb Butter

A 12oz pack contains 5.5 oz of each vegetable plus 1oz of Organic, rBST free, culinary finishing butter. Grillerz are available now at H-E-B Texas Grocery, Central Market, Earth Fare, Lunds & Byerlys, and Natural Grocers in Colorado; and will be hitting the shelves this month in Sprouts and Whole Foods Market Southwest Region stores.

About Cece’s® Veggie Co.

At Cece’s Veggie Co., we believe in simple nutrition. Cece’s is your personal sous chef, prepping 100% organic spiralized noodles, riced veggies and meal solutions that go from pan to table in 8 minutes or less. Cece’s veggies can be enjoyed raw, sautéed as a grain alternative, and in salads, soups and more! Add a fresh twist to breakfast, lunch or dinner with all the taste and texture of your favorite grain-based recipes for a fraction of the carbs and calories.

Cece’s veggies are responsibly sourced, USDA certified Organic, gluten free and vegan/keto friendly with no added preservatives, sugars or salts. With Cece’s Veggie Co., your daily dose of veggies is just a twirl away. Less prep work. Less clean up. More veggies. More fun. Cece’s Veggie Co. Simple but twisted.

Check the online store locater to find Cece’s products near you. For more information and a variety of delicious recipes, visit Cece’s Veggie Co. is on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.