Celebrating 5 Years of Oodles of Noodles

I can’t believe it’s been 5 years of oodles of noodles. It feels like an eternity and just a few days all at once. Started with a simple idea – feed my gluten-free kids healthy pasta and get them more veggies in their diet. My daughter, Cece, was my first product tester as I tinkered with machines. ’Nah’ she’d say time and time again. Then one day she goes ‘yum’ and I knew I had done it. A simple idea that is extremely difficult to make happen.

We were the first people to put pre-packaged veggie noodles in the grocery store, creating a fun and simple way for everyone to get their veggies without sacrificing time and quality. From there we quickly outgrew multiple facilities and built our own vegetable processing facility (2nd largest in Central Texas), just for making noodles. 

We achieved national distribution in most major grocery stores and were even recognized as the 3rd fastest growing company in the US  by Inc Magazine in 2019. Starting with just two humble noodle products, we have since expanded into veggie rices and veggie-based meal kits that have won accolades and multiple awards along the way. 

The support and amazing feedback has been almost overwhelming at times and help us stay committed to our mission – helping people eat healthier! Certified Organic veggies, no additives, and a whole lotta love goes into every noodle (and every grain of veggie rice, meal kit, and seasonal side dish). Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making Cece’s what it is today.

Your Veggie Nerd,
Mason Arnold