When I first tried a buffalo wing I thought the flavor was heaven-sent but the hangover was nasty. I felt like the dish somehow absorbed directly to my belly fat. A love-hate relationship ensued. I tried all the varieties – BBQ, sesame, dry-rubbed, but nothing ever quite compared with the original buffalo sauce. Also tried boneless wings, which it didn’t take me long to figure out were just deep-fried chicken nuggets dipped in buffalo sauce. Rather devious of them and it was almost as delicious.

I always believed buffalo sauce belonged on chicken wings and only chicken wings. It wasn’t until I had a buffalo salad I realized the buffalo sauce was the magic, not necessarily the wing/sauce combo. I started putting the sauce on everything. Then one day it happened – I splashed some buffalo sauce on some roasted cauliflower and I knew my life would never be the same. The traditional buffalo wings are high in calories, sometimes gluten, dairy, saturated and trans fats, so I wanted to make a healthy twist with Buffalo Cauli that everyone can enjoy without the game-day guilt.

We made it with 100% organic cauliflower cut into unique bite-size pieces and paired with a dairy-free, gluten-free, and clean-eating friendly buffalo sauce. Our Buffalo Sauce is packed with delicious punch of cayenne pepper for a happy medium spice level that pairs perfectly with cauliflower. It’s ready to heat-and-eat in 2-3 minutes in a microwave-ready container, or it can be baked or pan-fried for extra crispy cauliflower. Cece’s Veggie Co is dedicated to sustainability, using only certified Organic veggies and fully recyclable packaging.

Not only does the mild flavor and creamy texture of cauliflower pair perfectly with zesty buffalo sauce, this versatile veggie also provides a variety of health benefits in every serving. When you compare Buffalo Cauli to the traditional buffalo chicken wings, you’ll see this new product is sure to be a game-changer, so bring on the buffalo because Buffalo Cauli is ready to spice up your life. Buffalo Cauli is available at select retailers across the nation – check out our store locator to find Buffalo Cauli near you! 


Your Veggie Nerd,
Mason Arnold