Mason Arnold

Mason founded Cece’s Veggie Co. for two reasons:

  • Veggies are wonderful.
  • He loves his family.

That second reason is really the most important because it’s the driving force behind the company. You see, Mason’s family has dietary restrictions, which contributes to their gluten-free way of life. So Mason developed his own brand of Veggie Noodles — which feeds his family and many others who want to eat smarter while having fun in the kitchen. For Mason, it’s all about inspiring others to get their nutrients in and to be creative with a healthy pasta alternative.

Cece’s Veggie Co. isn’t just a fun start-up business for Mason. It’s the next step in his journey to innovate with sustainability. Mason founded Greenling — an award-winning local and organic food delivery service all over Texas. From his chemical engineering background to the organic practices legislation he’s helped pass — Mason has been a Veggie Nerd for a long time, learn more about him here.

Mason knows vegetables. And he knows the value in keeping them simple. Simple but twisted.®