Meet Our Organic Farmers: Plainville Farm

butternut squash noodle, plainville farm

Jennie Shen, Marketing Gourdinator with future bunoodles in the Plainville Farm field

Driving through Western Massachusetts on a gorgeous day in early September, our Marketing Gourdinator Jennie Shen had the pleasure of stopping by Plainville Farm to meet Wally Czajkowski and Mary McNamara. Wally and Mary help supply Cece’s® Veggie Co. with the noodle-rific organic butternut squash we use for our Butternut Noodles and Veggicine®!

Plainville Farm’s mission is right in line with ours: providing healthy crops grown in healthy soil to support healthy people. Wally and Mary are 3rd generation farmers, growing an assortment of squash varieties and other seasonal produce on 180 luscious acres. Jennie had a blast riding around the farm in Wally’s truck with the windows down – the fresh crisp air and carefree lifestyle focused on good food and good living was a far cry away from the hustle and bustle of Boston just 100 miles east. To seal the deal on a perfect afternoon, Mary cooked up an amazing homegrown dinner featuring freshly harvested delicata squash and corn!


3rd generation farmer Wally Czajkowski in the field at Plainville Farm

At Cece’s Veggie Co., it’s mission-critical that we get to know the people and the land from which we source our products, and it’s pasta-tively a bonus when the folks are as lovely as Wally and Mary. Wally had 3 pieces of advice for us:

  1. Sell more butternut noodles! (We’re definitely working on that one, Wally)
  2. Go outside and just be outside when you can, every single day (Yes please!)
  3. Get stung by a bee. Daily. (We may need to work up to this one.)

organic butternut squash noodles

We’re so happy to support farmers like Wally and Mary and so thankful for their hard work to produce beautiful, pesticide-free squash for us to work our simple but twisted magic on. And we aren’t the only ones that appreciate Plainville Farm – they were recently crowned Farm of the Year for 2017 by The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts for their generous donations. We hope that makes you feel great about getting your bunoodle on!

Click here to follow Plainville Farm on Facebook. To read more about Cece’s Veggie Co. sourcing, visit our Farms page.