Organic Riced Broccoli & Riced Cauliflower

Why Riced Veggies?

Why are riced veggies just so nice? They have the yummy taste and texture you love about grains, with more nutrition packed into way fewer calories. Riced cauliflower and broccoli are rich in vitamin C, helping to boost immunity and keep you from coming down with the crud. Riced veggies also help you load up on vitamin K, which builds strong, healthy bones and keeps you out of a cast. Your ticker will also love riced vegetables because they’re packed with sulforaphane (don’t try to say that one five times fast), a compound that supports healthy blood pressure and overall heart health. Pre-packaged riced veggies make it fun to eat your vegetables, with less prep work, less clean up, and lots of yummy, nutrient-packed goodness.

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