The Strangest Holiday Season Yet

Once I got past the initial fear of the virus I found a new joy in cooking at home. 3 square meals (or 1-2 when I’m intermittent fasting) of healthy, veggie-forward ingredients had me feeling amazing! Over time, though, as zoom calls packed my days and kids got used to having Papa around to play with them all the time my joy of cooking faded. I felt a bit guilty, I gotta admit, what a privilege and all I wanted was the cold comfort of a fast meal or someone waiting on me. Turns out I’m not alone! Cooking fatigue is a real thing and is making so many of us look for shortcuts again, but still wanting to have that oven help heat the house.

Enter Harvest Roasting Kit! While we maintain chopping butternut should be an olympic sport we won’t hold our breath and we’ll continue to do the hard work for you! We throw in some purple sweet potatoes and carrots and include the perfect Fall spices to give you the perfect mix of colors, flavors, and smells to fill the house with joy again.


Your Veggie Nerd,
Mason Arnold