Why We Love White Sweet Potatoes

Are you already wondering if we made a typo? You’re reading it right – white sweet potatoes are a thing, and they’re super nutritious and totally delicious! Often overshadowed by their better known cousin, the orange sweet potato, these uber versatile tubers deserve their own spot in the sun. Read on to discover why we love white sweet potatoes – and why you should too!

White sweet potatoes are nutrient dense

You may have heard that white veggies contain less nutrients than colorful veggies. While that may be true about regular white potatoes, it’s simply not the case with white sweets! They are an excellent source of vitamin C, which is necessary for the growth and repair of the tissues in your body. It’s also an antioxidant that helps protect against development of cancer and heart disease. Finally, vitamin C is an immunity booster, which helps ward off the sniffles!

White sweet potatoes are also an excellent source of Vitamin A, which is essential for many processes in your body, including preserving your vision, skin health, proper bone growth and development, and maintaining your body’s natural defenses. You can also count on white sweets as a good source of dietary fiber and B-Vitamins.

Finally, don’t let the name fool you – white sweet potatoes don’t contain the “bad” kind of sugar. The starch they contain is considered a complex carbohydrate, which helps regulate blood sugar and improve insulin sensitivity, and can be beneficial to people with diabetes. You can read more about the science behind blood glucose regulation here.

White sweet potatoes are versatile

Some people are turned off by orange sweet potatoes because they taste so sweet, and so they don’t enjoy them in savory or salty dishes. If you have a sweet potato naysayer in the house, we highly suggest you get them to try a white sweet potato! With a milder and less sweet flavor, white sweet potatoes taste completely different in recipes and therefore can be used with more versatility. This is where Cece’s Veggie Co. Noodled Organic White Sweet Potatoes come in – with a texture that’s more dry and firm, they can emulate a grain-based noodle beautifully. Try serving them with a basic marinara sauce – you’ll be shocked how much they taste like classic spaghetti. We’ve found that kids love white sweet potatoes with sauce- it helps that they look just like regular spaghetti, too!

White sweet potatoes taste great

None of the above matters if they don’t taste good, right? Rest assured, white sweet potatoes are delicious in all kinds of recipes. For spiralized white sweet potatoes, our basic preparation suggestion is to sauté them over medium high heat in your cooking oil of choice for 5-6 minutes, or until they reach your desired softness (some people like them a bit more firm, al dente style!) You can then pair them with a sauce – we’ve already discussed that marinara works great, but cheese-based sauces and Asian-inspired flavors like peanut sauce also work well. The firm texture also makes them a great candidate for soups – try them in chicken “noodle” soup or French onion soup for a boost of veggie nutrition!

We hope we’ve convinced you to give white sweets a chance – click here to check out our favorite recipes using noodled white sweet potatoes and let us know what you think!